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“Personal Lottery Numbers Service”

You Will Receive Individually Selected Numbers To          Learn How We Can Help You
Help You Hit A Cash Jackpot or Multiple Jackpots.          Win The Money You Need . . .

Dear Friend,

If you are badly in need of a winning cash jackpot payout (or multiple jackpots) to put you on “easy street”, then this may be the most exciting news you have ever received!

Here’s why:

I’m prepared to personally help you by sending you personal “Individually Selected” daily numbers each & every month.

How?  Please Listen Closely. You start by providing me with a little information about yourself and your needs, and I will get started now.  I’ll begin by researching the best “individually selected” daily lottery numbers (for you). Then, I will give you a customized report complete with your personal daily numbers to play each and every month, and, I will mail them to you on-time and directly to your personal address.  This will greatly maximize your potential to win a daily cash jackpot  (or multiple jackpots).

If you are 18 (or older) and have a genuine desire to win cash jackpot money, than YOU may be eligible for these personal “Individually Selected” daily numbers.  You could possibly be entitled to win multiple jackpots from the high-probability “Individually Selected” numbers that I’m going to give you.

“New Discovery Provides Fast Access To Cash-Winning Lottery Numbers”  

About 10 years ago, in early December I began my numerical research into winning lottery probability theory. What I found was that most people I talked to had no idea of how to choose their best personal numbers.  And, in fact, few people had any idea of what numbers to play for the best chance of winning a cash jackpot.

After years of hard work, I discovered an incredible system for generating high-probability “individually selected” numbers.  I have invested hundreds of hours putting this special information into a specialized software database on my computer, so that I can quickly and easily find the best lottery numbers for you.

By targeting right in on the best numerical data, I can help you find the best possible lottery numbers for each game that you play.  I’ll run my specialized software against my database to give you a complete customized report of your “individually selected” daily numbers to play each and every month for one entire year!

“Facts You Should Know About “Individually Selected” Lottery Numbers”

Over the years, I’ve often been asked if you should play birthday or quick-pick numbers.  So, please let me make one thing clear – playing birthday or quick-pick numbers is a waste of your hard-earned money.  That simply means that playing these type of numbers will rarely (if ever) give you a winning ticket.

But, you hitting a cash jackpot with your personal “Individually Selected” numbers will provide immediate cash for you. 

This new money can change your life in so many ways.  You can become a jackpot winner and receive daily cash winnings using the special numbers that I will uncover for you when I personally select your high-probability “Individually Selected” numbers.

Then, I will help you by putting together a simple, customized report of your “Individually Selected” daily numbers so that you can start playing to win your cash jackpot money immediately.  Nothing could be easier and simpler with the information I’ll provide you.
  “You Decide How Much Lottery Money You Want To Win”

It is a well known fact, that the lotteries hand out loads of money to winners every day, but you must decide how much money you want, and play your “Individually Selected” daily numbers to win that money.  You decide in advance what amount of cash money is best for you. 

The cash jackpot lottery money is there – will you be the next?   I am right here to help you get it with my brand-new “Personal Lottery Numbers Service”.  

“I Will Do The Important Leg Work For You”

I’m prepared to do the important leg work to help you receive your share of the daily cash jackpot money.  You start by providing me with a little information about yourself, and I will get started immediately.

I’ll begin by researching the best numbers (from your profile). Then, I will give you a customized report each and every month complete with your “Individually Selected” daily numbers.  This will greatly maximize your potential to hit a daily cash jackpot (or multiple cash jackpots).

“All Of The Cash Jackpot Money Will Come Directly To You”

I will do the all of the research needed to find you the best possible lottery numbers (for your needs) and rush you a customized report of your daily numbers every month.  However, because we are not associated with any state lottery numbers in our database, all of the cash jackpot money will come directly to you.

It doesn’t matter what you need the money for (or even how much money you need) – jackpots are set in many different amounts – all the way up to the mega-millions.  But, let me repeat - all of the cash jackpot money that you win will come directly to you – I do not receive a dime of this money.

 “Just Imagine How This Immediate Money Can Help You Out”

Have you ever needed some extra cash to pay off some bills or repay an outstanding loan?  How about money to buy a shiny new car or cash for a long overdue vacation?  Even just to buy something really nice for yourself?  There are many, many ways that daily cash jackpot money can help you out.

Remember, the lottery does not care what you do with your winnings.  However, for ethical reasons, it should always be something honorable and legal.  Plus, you can play most lottery games at least once a day – and sometimes twice a day - giving you more than one chance to win!

“This is A Completely New Breakthrough Service”

Please Listen Closely.  Right now, you are holding in your hands the key to a better life.  I know this is true because for the first time I’m offering you my completely new, breakthrough service to personally help you hit a daily cash jackpot (or multiple cash jackpots).

In fact, I know of no other service today that will help you to receive daily cash jackpot money by giving you a customized report every month complete with your “Individually Selected” daily numbers.  This can greatly maximize your potential to hit a daily cash jackpot (or multiple cash jackpots).

                 “There Are NO Workouts, Mathematics, or Guessing At Numbers” 

You heard it - that’s right. There are NO Workouts, Mathematics, or Guessing At Numbers with the Personal Lottery Number Service.  We give you your personal “Individually Selected” daily numbers and all you have to do is copy them onto your bet slip (or bet slips) and play the numbers!  Nothing could be easier!

Will you need a long list of past results?  Absolutely Not!  If fact, these are ready-to-play numbers for you.

You just open the envelope, copy the numbers onto your bet slips and play those numbers.  It’s as simple as that!

Will you have to choose any of your own numbers each week?  Again, the answer is NO!  You will not have to choose any of your lottery numbers.  We will chose your personal “Individually Selected” daily numbers for you and set them up into a ready-to-copy and play format.

The only thing that you have to do is play them and sit back for the Jackpot Money to come to you!  

These are “assured” numbers that can win the first prize in virtually any lottery jackpot.

                   “Why Was So Much Money Just Handed To These Winners?”

People that have won the lottery come from all walks of life.  People just like you.  But all of these people have one thing in common – they were smart enough to take a few minutes out of the day to buy their lottery tickets.

One thing you cannot do to win the lottery is to stay home and refuse to buy a ticket.  I will do the leg work and chose your personal “Individually Selected” daily numbers for you.  All you have to do is copy them onto your bet slip and play those numbers!

Once you have your personal “Individually Selected” daily numbers in hand, I have a strong feeling that you may win the lottery in the next 2 to 3 weeks!  Remember, these are “assured” numbers that can win the first prize in almost any lottery jackpot.

“This New Money Can Change Your Life – In The Blink of An Eye!”

A nice big jackpot win can bring you wealth like you’ve never seen before. When you’ve got your winnings in hand this new money can change your life – as fast as a bolt of lightning - in the blink of an eye!

Give your personal “Individually Selected” daily numbers a try.  I Guarantee you’ll be amazed.

“100 out of 100 People Retire From Work.  Is it Your Turn Now?”

What if I could help you bring in an extra few thousand a week from the lottery?  Would you retire now?  Eventually, 100 out of 100 people retire - at some point in their lives.  But most folks have to wait until 65 (or older) if they can ever afford to retire comfortably.

If I could show you how to be set for life with your personal “Individually Selected” daily numbers, you would have no more money worries.  What if your bank account was bursting at the seams with thousands of extra dollars coming in each and every week with the constant potential to hit a multi-million dollar jackpot nearly every day?   Your personal “Individually Selected” daily numbers could be the answer to your prayers!   

                 “The Special Day To Ask For Everything You Want Has Just Arrived”

The very first thing I want to do for you is to do everything in my power to have you win daily cash jackpot money. This could be a few hundred up to several million dollars.

Please tell me the exact sum of money that you urgently need on the application form.  In just a few days something very special can happen to you.  It would not surprise me if you found it hard to get to sleep that night... And, it wouldn’t surprise me if you sat down and wrote me a letter telling me that your financial woes are finally over because you have hit a wonderful cash jackpot. 
                             “One Full Year - 100% Service Money-Back Guarantee”

I am totally confident that you will be able to hit a daily cash jackpot (or multiple cash jackpots) using the customized report with your “Individually Selected” daily numbers that I’ll rush to you every month.   So, I’ll offer you my written One Full Year - 100% Service Money-Back Guarantee.  If you don’t hit at least one (or more) cash jackpots using the numbers you receive with my new Personal Lottery Numbers Service, you can request a complete 100% pro-rated monthly refund of your application fee.  With my One Full Year -  100%  Service Money-Back Guarantee you’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain – so don’t delay, send in your application now (on the back of this page).  

                               “FREE Complete Set of Personal Bonus Numbers –
                                 But ONLY If You Respond Within The Next 10 Days”

If I receive your application within the next 10 days, you will also receive a FREE complete set of personal bonus numbers for multiple lottery and/or lotto games.  This can enable you to play more than one game every day and maximize your cash jackpot winning potential.
This FREE offer is strictly limited to those who respond within the next 10 days, so please take advantage of this FREE offer while you still can.  Send in your application today and receive your FREE Personal Bonus Numbers.

     Yours For Winning Daily Cash Jackpots,
       Art Robertson

P.S. Please Don't Hesitate – the lottery has cash jackpot money to hand out everyday.  This could be your best chance ever to win the important daily cash money you need!                    




YES Art!  Please accept my application for your Personal Lottery Numbers Service.  I would like to order the following personal “Individually Selected” daily numbers for my state, rushed to me every month for one entire year!  I understand that my name will not appear publicly when I have won a million dollars and more.

Important Note:  You will be able to enter your personal information on our confidential form - AFTER your payment is processed and completed.

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Please rush me my “Individually Selected” daily numbers each and every month.  If I am not completely satisfied with the service I may cancel anytime within one full year for a complete
pro-rated monthly refund of my application fee. 
*** Foreign Orders: U.S. Funds Only – Please add $12.00 for Airmail Postage. 

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